Broken - Kelley Armstrong Broken was a book I could take or leave. It's pretty slow the entire way through and since I'm kind of anti-baby I didn't get all googly over the face that Elena was preggo. Actually, I found that kind of annoying. I don't see Elena or Clay as being parents and I don't really care for the change in their characters but eh, that's just me.

Basically the Pack heads to Toronto to steal a letter linked to Jack The Ripper. They accidentally open a portal and out pops a mystery killer and some zombies. There was a lot less action in this book than the other ones featuring Elena and the Pack. Clay and Jeremy are not themselves due to Elena's pregnancy and Elena is stuck on the sidelines for a lot because she's a giant beach ball of a person. In fact, it really felt like the story was more about Elena being pregnant than it was about Jack The Ripper or zombies or anything else. That's what really disappointed me. I don't pick up a werewolf book to read about a glowing pregnant woman. It just...doesn't work.

I really don't have anything to complain about besides being kind of bored. As usual with Armstrong, the writing was solid. At this point the characters are familiar and well rounded and I must say there were two parts at the end that I really, really enjoyed. One involved some good old fashioned throat ripping (MORE! MORE!) and one was a bit of a twist I honestly didn't see coming.

In hindsight I kind of wish I had just read the synopsis and moved on to No Humans Involved because I don't really feel like I would have missed too much.