Un Lun Dun - China Miéville Sigh...I was disappointed by this book. I normally really enjoy China Mieville the other books of his that I have read have been complex, imaginative and fun. The characters are always very well developed and their journeys are always twisty and weird. Un Lun Dun just didn't do it for me. And maybe this is because when I bought it I had wispy little dreams about it being another Neverwhere and it just really wasn't even close. And I know, I know I can't be upset by that because Neverwhere is by Neil Gaiman and not China Mieville.

It is pretty obvious from the writing style that this book is meant for a far younger audience. Unfortunately, I can't see anyone that young sticking with it because while the language and the story has been simplified it is still 432 pages of Mieville madness. Un Lun Dun is incredibly slow to start off and I don't feel it has enough going on to keep a younger audience occupied.

I did enjoy how Mieville messed with the idea of The Chosen One and destiny and all that shit. It was good. Deeba was a strong enough lead and the supporting characters were interesting. Sadly some of them did kind of feel a little...forced? It was almost as if Mieville tried too hard to make them weird and they ended up feeling really one dimensional and boring. Like, Skool. Ok great, a bunch of fishies in a diving suite that are somehow a single sentient being. That's all neat and nifty but it was impossible for me to feel any kind of connection to him because he didn't DO anything. Or talk. I found Curdle more engaging and Curdle is an old milk carton.

Now obviously this won't be enough to make me stop loving Mr. Mieville. That just will not happen. And I have a stack of other books by him just waiting to be read. I'm just going to hope and hope that the others don't flop like this one did.