Haunted - Kelley Armstrong You know, I hate to say this but I wasn't really a fan of Haunted. I have really, truly enjoyed all the other books I have read by Kelley Armstrong but this one just fell flat for me.

I understand that Armstrong wanted to give readers a better understanding of Eve but I feel like she...dare I say it...ruined her for me. In Haunted, Eve is tasked with hunting down a demi-demon by the name of Nix. During the book you learn about Eve's obsession with keeping an eye on Savannah, her relationship with Kristof as well as what the afterlife is like (at least for her).

That all seems great, right? Nah. It's a boring book. As usual, the last quarter is way more interesting and fast paced but even that couldn't save it. The afterlife is cheesy. Eve and Kristof are cheesy. These are both characters who are supposed to have quite the dark side and I really didn't like that Armstrong ignored that. Eve was not a badass at all and Kristof was just some pudging middle aged man with thinning hair. Boo.

I also felt that certain things were left hanging and I didn't appreciate that. Now, I'm not going to get into specifics because they all happened at the end of the book and I don't want to ruin reading it for anyone but it felt sloppy.

Ms. Armstrong, did you actually want to right this?

Sigh. Oh well, onto bigger and better things (hopefully). I am starting Broken right now. Do I spy the name Clayton in the first sentence? I think I do.