Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger - Beth Harbison Ever since Quinn Barton called off her wedding to Burke Morrison ten years ago, her life hasn't been exactly what she hoped it would be. Quinn is in a serious rut. She hasn't left her home town, she's working as a seamstress at her family's bridal shop and she hasn't been in a serious relationship since Burke broke her heart. Quinn fools herself into thinking she has moved on from Burke but when he shows up back in town, along with his brother, for another wedding it becomes very clear that this is not the case.

Now, right off the bat I was kind of annoyed because there was a serious lack of editing in the ARC I received. The back of the book claimed the main character was named Ashley, not Quinn. And in a different synopsis it said that 17 years had passed, not 10! There was also a scene in the book where the author forgot which of the brother was in a particular scene and switched them part way through. Now, I understand that a lot of books I receive through the Goodreads Giveaway program haven't gone through a final edit, but the number of major errors did kind of irk me. Not enough to change my rating of the book or anything, just enough for me to bitch about it.

Anyways, what I did like about the book was that the supporting characters were well developed and interesting. Glenn was a good best friend, he was funny and well rounded. He did his best to help Quinn without coddling her and he called her on her bullshit. Dottie was quirky and sweet, she livened the story up and was a bit of a shit stirrer while still being likable (that is seriously rare). Those two characters were enough to make me enjoy the story. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of the book annoyed with Quinn. She was incredibly needy and lost in the past. She wasn't very mature, instead of dealing with her shit ten years ago she stuck her head in the sand and willed it away. It's difficult to root for a character like that. Quinn was one of those damp napkin characters. She needed more spunk!
I was also incredibly annoyed that she spends a lot of the book going all googley eyed over Burke, the man who cheated on her! And he's still an ASS! He blames her for calling off their wedding when HE WAS CHEATING ON HER!!! Then he tries to spin it like he was doing it for her benefit?! Seriously. What. The. Fuck. Quinn! You're a 30 year old woman running a successful business and it has been ten years since this twit left your life! MOVE THE FUCK ON!

Sigh. It is hard to find a good squishy romantic summer read.

So why am I giving the book 3 stars? Seems kind of high considering I didn't really enjoy the main character. Well, the writing was pretty decent. Like I said, the editing is rough but as long as the book doesn't go to final print like I saw a lot of potential in this book and I feel like if Harbison tweaked it a little it could have been hilarious and heart warming.
Chose The Wrong Guy isn't anything amazing but it's entertaining enough.