Dime Store Magic   - Kelley Armstrong In Dime Store Magic we leave behind Elena and the pack and enter into the life of Paige Winterbourne, newly made leader of the American Coven after the death of her mother. Paige was originally introduced in Stolen - Women of the Otherworld #2. Dime Store Magic picks up after Paige and Savannah have returned back to Massachusetts, unfortunately the trouble isn't over for either of them. Leah, the telekinetic half-demon that we also met in Stolen has returned to cause some trouble.

I do enjoy these novels, so maybe it is just because I have been reading them one after another but I was feeling a little bored with this one. I also didn't love Paige. She's an alright lead but she's no Elena. Paige has this pesky conscience she has to deal with and it really gets in the way of things. Savannah on the other hand, didn't have this issue so pretty much everything entertaining that went on had to do with her.

The best part of this book is the last quarter, that's where everything happens. Once Mr. Nast got involved in things shit got interesting. I'm starting book #4 but I might have to take a break after that. I believe I'm reaching my saturation point. I can't even focus on writing a review...

Bleh. It was entertaining. People get killed, shit gets burned down, there is sexing to be had. All good fun.