Bitten - Kelley Armstrong I hate Twilight. To quote my sister "Twilight ruined everything, forever". Stephenie Meyer ruined vampires, werewolves and roughly 90% of the female population. Her writing is a slow working poison that has wormed its way into books, movies, TV and young minds everywhere. I'm almost certain that contact with it causes your brain cells to wither and die within minutes.

And what does that have to do with Bitten? you may ask. Well, I ended up avoiding the shit out of this book ever since it came out because of Twilight. I would see it sitting there on the shelves at the bookstore and occasionally I would pick it up and read the back only to slam it back down and give it a serious stink face. Because it reminded me to Twilight. If I had never accidentally read Waking The Witch, I would never EVER had bothered with Bitten.

Now don't I feel like an asshole.

Bitten is great! For one thing, the writing is excellent. Monster stories are really difficult to take seriously, especially when authors turn their creatures into great big pussies. If you write a werewolf story and the wolves are more Bieber than Beast, I will hate it. It is just WRONG, you hear that Meyer? WRONG! Now I'm no gore hound, but a werewolf story ain't right unless someone gets their throat ripped out. Want to write about pretty, sparkly, fluffy things? Write about fairies or smurfs or something.

Also, I freaking LOVED Elena Michaels. She is one seriously tough bitch. There are no endless paragraphs dedicated to her luscious flowing locks or her sparkling eyes. She is conflicted and she makes mistakes but she isn't an idiot. Elena isn't waiting for anyone to save her. And even though it took her waaaaay too long, she does eventually ditch Philip, who was a lame-o (I'm glad he got stabbed, it was the most interesting thing he did).

So to sum things up. I really liked Bitten and I take back all the mean and nasty thoughts I had about it when I was busy assuming it was another symptom of the Disease That Is Twilight.