Foundation - Peter Ackroyd I received this book through a Giveaway and I'm currently doing my best to work my way through it.

I have always been a fan of history. Learning about the lives of those who lived before us is both interested and important. That being said, I do struggle with books like this as they remind me of trudging through the assigned readings I would get in university for those classes that I thought SHOULD be great but made me want to shrivel up and die.

I love to read about how people lived their day to day lives, and perhaps I am not far enough along in this book yet, but I feel like Ackroyd spends most of his time rattling off dry facts. Is that even something I can complain about? It is a history book after all. I supposed as long as the facts are true, there isn't much you can say.

I plan to finish this book, but it isn't really something I am able to sit down and invest large amounts of time in as my eyes always end up glazing over and suddenly I've gone through 3 pages and I don't remember a thing.

It is a bit of a disappointment. I have read other books by Peter Ackroyd and I really enjoyed them. Meh, it isn't the book. It's me.