Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin Ok, so the only reason I read this book in the first place was because my book club picked it. I'm not really one for chick lit, so maybe I went into this whole thing ready to judge it harshly. And judge it harshly I did.

To briefly summarize...

Something Borrowed is about two women who have been best friends for the past 25 years which apparently counts for nothing because I'm pretty sure they don't even like one another. The main character, Rachel, hooks up with her best friend Darcy's fiance (Dexter) on her 30th birthday. Rachel and Dexter then proceed to have an affair and blah blah blllaaaaahhhhhh.

I think my biggest issue with this book is that it could have been clever and interesting. Unfortunately, Emily Giffin just couldn't pull it off. In fact, I don't think she even tried. The entire story really reminded me of those teenage soap opera style dramas that are always playing on the CW.

For one thing, all the main players in this book are pretty gross. Rachel is a spineless twit who tries to act like the affair was out of her control and even that Darcy deserved to have her fiance cheat on her, Darcy is a self-centered, snobbish, controlling bitch who you never once feel sorry for and Dexter is just some typical slime ball who is cheating on his fiance instead of breaking off an engagement that is obviously wrong...Gross. All the characters are supposed to be in their late 20's and early 30's yet they continue to act like a bunch of 14 year children.

Another issue I had is that Ms. Giffin totally took the emotional risk out of the affair. She set about making Darcy so horrible that you don't give a rats ass about that fact that her best friend is banging her fiance. It really gives Rachel an easy out. I hated this because Rachel just ends up acting like Darcy deserved everything and that she did nothing wrong. Rachel's character never really develops or grows throughout the book. She starts out as this weak willed, soggy doormat and finishes the book much the same except she has a boyfriend...which is apparently the only thing that brings meaning into her life.

Also, and I don't even know if this is a complaint I can actually make considering the genre of the book, but why are all the women characters in this book so dependent on having a man or being wanted by men? Rachel has ZERO confidence because she's single and hasn't had much experience with men. She is constantly measuring herself against Darcy. She spends most of the book feeling like Dexter couldn't POSSIBLY want to be with her for any real reason because Darcy is skinny and pretty and Rachel is slightly less skinny and pretty. And Darcy's entire focus is how good she looks, how she is better than everyone, how she is more interesting than everyone and how lucky everyone is to be near her. Grosssssss. And while Dexter does turn out to truly love Rachel and they apparently live happily ever after, neither Rachel nor Darcy seem to learn anything from this.

Anyways, I'm going to stop ranting now. To sum it up, I didn't like the plot, I didn't like the characters, and I didn't like how simple everything was.

So if you're considering reading this book...don't bother.